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St. Clair, Alabama Speeding Ticket Attorneys
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Frequently Asked Questions

Itís just a speeding ticket, why shouldnít I pay and be done with it?

Depending on the alleged speeding concerning your St. Clair County, Alabama speeding ticket, a guilty plea could automatically suspend your license depending on the State that issued your license and the number of points already assessed against your license. 

I live in another state and got a traffic ticket while driving through Alabama, how can you help me?

Almost 100% of the cases we handle for out of state drivers are resolved without your presence in Court. Most Alabama courts including those in St. Clair County are unwilling or are not set up to handle cases by telephone with individual defendants.

This isnít my first traffic ticket, do I need an attorney?

You cannot predict what the future may bring and if you plead guilty to your St. Clair County, Ashville Division traffic violation, it will affect your ability to resolve future cases without a conviction.

How will a traffic ticket affect my CDL?

Truck drivers make their living hauling goods across the country. Many, many CDL holders pass through St. Clair County every day. Protect your job, your livelihood, and your future by calling us today.








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